3 New Night Swimming Beaches Have Opened In Dubai For Dreamy Summer Swims

After-dark dips in the open sea are now possible for Dubai residents with three beaches opening up for night swimming

Photo: Dubai Media Office

You know what’s really NOT a summer activity in Dubai? Heading to the beach. Finding yourself in hot water takes a literal turn in our seaside city over the summer months. Which is such a shame, considering we have some of the most pristine beaches in the world. All that’s set to change courtesy of Dubai Municipality who has opened up three new night swimming beaches on Dubai’s shores.

Are these night swimming beaches new?

These 800-metre stretches of beaches themselves have always existed in Jumeirah 2Jumeirah 3 and Umm Suqeim 1, respectively. What’s new is that they’ve now been extensively developed to cater to night-time swimming.

Each beach has been equipped with state-of-the-art flood lights, so beachgoers can enjoy a swim 24/7Electronic screens displaying content about safety and awareness have also been installed at these beaches. These instructional videos give swimmers constant reminders about limiting their breaststrokes to designated zones in the ocean.

Moreover, to ramp up safety, lifeguards equipped with high-tech rescue and emergency devices will monitor the beaches constantly to assist swimmers in distress.

Photo: Dubai Media Office

Where else can I enjoy a moonlight swim in Dubai?

Hotels in Dubai have been known to keep their pools open later into the night during summer. Besides that, Sunset Beach has always allowed nocturnal swims as has Al Mamzar Beach. However, unlike the other free beaches, Mamzar charges an AED 5 entrance fee.

The launch of these night swimming beaches is part of Dubai Municipality’s big wave of projects aimed at transforming Dubai into the best place to live and visit. We’re ready with our beach towels and wide-brimmed hats to enjoy the ‘sea-sun’ of Dubai’s transformation into a top-notch beach tourism destination.


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